Make The Most Of Those First 18 Years With Your Kids

Raising a family is your greatest adventure, it should feel more like one.

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This club is for those of us who refuse to buy into the status quo that we must sacrifice 80% of our time to unfulfilling labor and only get 20% to spend doing the things that make us feel alive. We’re reversing those percentages.

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Every month we bring new insight, workshops and resources on these five pillars of family freedom:

Personal development and mindset: the key to living full out always comes back to our own beliefs, energy, value and sense of self. We seek out resources that empower parents and children alonside each other.

Income, wealth building and legacy: Our ethos is to help families create active and passive income that creates exponential wealth and facilitates freedom.

Holistic family wellness: We pursue ways to create lifestyles that sustains health in every aspect of who we are, mind, body and soul.

Connection and community: We can't thrive without thriving relationships within and outside of our families. We're here to build communication and connection both online and offline!

Travel and Education: travel expands us in a way that is impossible otherwise. In partnership with Hotel Cataleya, we bring you family travel in a way that is more enriching, rejuvenating and empowering for the entire family.

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I’ve always been a misfit.

I'm Sarah Isely, creator of 18 Summers Society and Hotel Cataleya.

Before I had a child I could never bring myself to conform to society’s idea of success;

Go from high school to college and commit to a degree in something you know little about before you even know yourself.

Go into debt for that degree so you have to get a job to pay it off immediately after.

Most likely end up hating that job and wish you’d gone to school for something else but now you’re locked in.

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Find a spouse, buy a house, train a mouse.

Ok the mouse isn’t part of it but I got a Dr. Seuss inspiration for a sec.

Have some kids, buy all the things, pack your schedule with expected activities… keep up with the Jones’s (who you really have nothing in common with).

Eventually have a mid-life crisis when you realize none of that was really YOUR dream, it was just a life template you thought you were supposed to follow.

I was never about that life so instead of college I bootstrapped my way into traveling as much as I could.

I followed my curiosities and got in as many diverse experiences as I could find.

I never regretted it.

Then I had a kid. I still didn’t regret it, but life became more complicated and I had a precious assignment I was determined not to fail at.

I was going to have to get a bit more responsible about a few things like making enough money to support a family, etc.

But I still didn’t want to conform to something I don’t believe in.

Once I had my daughter, I actually wanted more of the good life than ever.

More money, more travel, more health, more time, more peace of mind, better food… more freedom.

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And I wanted less.

Less chaos, less stress, less worry, less of the things that didn’t really matter to me but were taking up my time and energy.

I want to live the good life now, while my kids are young and every experience they have is setting them up for how they see and move in the world when they’re older.

While they’re learning from how I live, not what I teach them.

I want to make millions of new and unforgettable memories, not live the same day over and over again.

I want to travel with them everywhere, because travel taught me more about myself, other people and the potential of life than anything else.

I don’t want to be held back by my own self-sabotaging beliefs, and I don’t want to hand those down to them.

I want to empower them to be stronger than any generation before them, because we need that in the world. In their future.

So I set out to learn how to conquer the juggling act that is being a parent, without conforming to the mediocrity I saw all around me.

It might sound farfetched, but if you get it, you get it.

I want enough money that money is never a deciding factor in how we get to live.

I want better health for my family - physically, emotionally and mentally. I want our souls to thrive.

I want to be connected to my family through all of it. The ups and downs, the young years and the teenage drama.

I want nourishing relationships. Not just in one place, all around the globe.

I want to watch a lot of sunsets and walk on as many beaches as I can. With my family.

And that is why I started this club.

If I want all of this, I know that I’m not the only one.

You probably want it to.

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But it’s more challenging once you have little mouths to feed and shelter, and there is less time to figure it all out once you’re in deep.

So I’ve dedicated the last two years to figuring out the HOW.

How to make more money with less work and the tie down of a “job”.

How to minimize the mundane tasks and distractions that keep us from living in the moment.

How to prioritize our health and wellness as a lifestyle, not an afterthought. Even as busy parents.

How to travel with our families without feeling like we need a vacation afterwards.

How to cultivate and nurture relationships that empower and fulfill us and help our kids do the same.

How to prioritize our kids and our own needs at the same time instead of neglecting one for the other.

How to live fearlessly but still safely in a time and world where fear has been the default emotion lately.

And I’ve found some valuable resources that I want to share with any of you that also feel and know in your heart that there is more to life for you and your family than we’ve been led to believe.

It won’t be easy all of the time.

But if we can figure out how to thrive instead of barely surviving while our children are in there most impressionable years.

We will give them and ourselves the greatest gift.

The gift of living this life the way we were meant to.

In Peace & Freedom,

Sarah Isely, Founder | Host



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